Various Types of Marquees that You can Find

When you have set your heart on going for a wedding reception in a marquee, then you must keep in mind that there are several things that you should consider first and that you will have to factor in. The first and perhaps the most important on many of the list is the budget. Since there is a wide array of styles as well as themes that you can choose from, then it is easy to be carried away and totally blow your money. With this of course, there is a direct impact on the rest of your plans, either you will have to sacrifice something else or you will have to increase the budget that you have set but this is not always the option that you will go for.

The initial style of frame tent manufacturer can impact you in a great way. For many of the events like weddings, there are basically three kinds of marquees. You can have the traditional marquee which is the design that a lot of people are quite familiar with and this would employ guy ropes and also larger center poles for holding up the structure. They were made of canvas but they also have been manufactured in such modern and also lightweight synthetic materials.

Another style that many people are really familiar with would include the clear span or such framed marquee. This doesn't have internal poles or those guy ropes and they also make use of the internal space which is available on it. This kind of marquee may be erected on hard surfaces and grass since they may be weighted down with the use of weights rather than spikes when it is necessary.

There is also the third style which is new and such is known as the Capri. Such are lightweight and they are also very elegantly styled and they are designed to complement with the surroundings instead of present themselves as an extra room. For more info about tents, visit .

However, you should be aware of the cons too when you would go for the different marquee styles that you can find. For this reason, it is best that you also spend time to know them so that you can make a great decision on what you should be going for. With the number of choices that you can find, then you can be sure that you will be able to find the right type that you should use. Buy marquee for sale here!