Choosing The Right Marquee For Your Needs

There are different types of marquees available in the market which is a good thing but can also cause confusion when choosing the best suitable one. You will find many companies and suppliers offering different kinds of marquees and tents. In fact, it is not surprising to find a marquee or tent for events such as parties, sports and weddings.

Marquees not only enhance the occasion's aethestics, it also helps protect your guests from the sun, wind, rain or bad weather.

Here are the things you need to keep in mind when choosing a tent or marquee.

Number of people
You should consider the number of people attending your event. You do not want your tent or marquee to be too small that it ends up looking too cramped. At the same time, an intimate gathering calls for a smaller marquee to avoid making the place look too empty. Make sure to verify the number of guests attending in order to determine the best size of stretch tent manufacturer to order.

Requirements of the event
Aside from considering the number of guests attending the event, remember that there may be some fixtures and equipment needed at the location such as the caterer's table, DJ console, a stage and a dance floor. When deciding on the size of the marquee, keep these requirements in mind unless you want your buffet table drenched in the rain just in case the weather changes during the event. Check with the marquee supplier if their tents are water resistant to make sure water won't seep in and ruin the occasion. To know more about tents,  visit .

Different types of tents or marquees
There are differnt types of marquees available in the market which means you will be able to choose one based on your favorite color and design. You can choose a marquee to suit the type of event you are hosting: a high peak marquee is suitable for weddings since it lends a grand feel to the occasion; larger events call for clear framed marquees so that there are no poles in the center; marquees have different styles that can suit the theme of your event.

Payment and insurance
Confirm whether the price includes the installation of the tent and verify how many days it will take to finish the installation. A marquee or tent provider must be insured in case of fire or any mishap. A reliable marquee company will provide electric outlet provisions as well as extensions so that you do not have to hire an electrician  to do these. Buy peg and pole tents for sale here!