What Type of Marquee to Buy for An Event You are Planning to Hold     

You may be thinking of holding an event or party but your home is not large enough to hold a lot of people. Well, you really do not have to worry about it. You can easily put up a marquee on your grounds large enough to provide all the room you need.  It is an extremely convenient and inexpensive solution to space problems.

Marquees come in various sizes, colors and designs. The number of guests you are planning to invite will not be a problem as long as your grounds are has the required space. Put up a appropriately sized and your guests won't have reason to complain about not having enough space to move around comfortably.

There are several types of marquees   you can choose from. There's the traditional marquee, framed marquee, trapeze marquee, Chinese hat marquees, and stretch tent. Each of these types has their own unique designs and characteristics, so you can always find a marquee that suits your needs best.

If it's a wedding celebration or a country style party you are planning to hold, the traditional marquee's pole and rope construction would be perfect. Apart from giving a vintage feel, you can style it to accommodate elegant and more modern features.

A framed marquee is the best choice if providing   your guests to be around without obstructions is very important to you.  This type of marquee does not use internal support. There is no danger of guests bumping into posts and spilling their drinks.  Check out http://www.ehow.com/how_8163214_light-wedding-tent.html to learn more about tents.

The trapeze marquee is erected using tension poles or rods. The result is a classy looking marquee that's also extremely resistant to gusty winds.  .

Chinese hat Marquee looks like a Chinese hat. It does not have sides but you simply add side panels to it if you want. It is ideal for use a buffet or bar or entrance to a bigger marquee.  Purchase frame tents for sale here! 

The latest entrant to the marquee market is the stretch Tent. You often see in festivals, fairs and similar events.  Its striking style makes it an excellent alternative to the other more traditionally designed marquees.  Moreover, it is suited to all kinds of weather conditions It is also possible to erect it in all kinds of locations. . 

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